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How to Fix your DAYZ PROBLEMS!

DAYZ BUGS fixed glitch server

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 05:39 AM

So your DAYZ is acting real funky eh? Well first thing you need to ask yourself is how are you running the DAYZ Mod? Your ussaly having problems because of how your game is running/launching. Either you have not updated, or there is a problem with Six Launcher. Versions are ussaly the meain reason you can not play DAYZ.

This mod is still IN ALPHA. Remember this game is buggy, so don't be mad and over stressing yourself. If your here wondering why your stuck on a loading page its because of the amount of people on a server.

Six Launcher: Wayy to buggy to use. Not reccomended to use. Sure its easy as fuck but if your new it will bite you in the ass, espeically when it updates all your dayz stuff and the dayz servers are not updated

DAYZ Commander: By far the best way to play Dayz. Its just like Six Launcher BUT NOT BUGGY! It does not update automatically. You have the choice to update it by looking at the versions tabs which tells you what you need to update or if your up to date. Oh and you can update your dayz with Dayz Commander.

Manual Launching: In my opinion this is the hardest way to launch dayz, I can not even try using this way.

Videos that will help you: