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Dayz Standalone Server Hosting Rules / Server Reporting

admin abuse

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 07:21 PM


In order to keep this document succinct and easily understood at a glance, we will break down the simple Do 
and Don’t list for game server providers hosting DayZ.
Any questions regarding this can be directed to support@bistudio.com, or the respective game server provider. 
Acceptable Usage of DayZ Servers (Also known as the “Do” list) 
You may change the following variables on your server :

  • Player count (between 30 and 40) 
  • Server name (Within certain limitations, which are called out below) 
  • Server mode (between Regular and Hardcore) 
  • Server time at restart 
  • Server MOTD (Message of the Day) 

You may perform the following actions on your server :

  • Restart server
  • Kick abusive players (harassment, cheating, exploiting bugs)

           - Be aware that this can tread a fine line, and if you are found to be violating this rule your server may be disabled until the issue can be addressed. 

  • Turn the server off 

Unacceptable usage of DayZ Servers (Also known as the “Don’t” list) 
You may not change the following variables on your server :

  • Password 
  • Player count beyond 40, and below 30. 
  • Message of the day to include slander, racism, sexism, or any general hate speak. 
  • Signature Verification (Must always be enabled) 
  • Server name must not contain any terms or phrases of the themes below:

          - Player Versus Environment only 

          - Player will be kicked 
          - Server somehow has modified loot spawns, or other game data 
          - Server is private 
          - Server is “not operating properly” 
          - Hatespeak / Defamation of any person, place, or company 


You may not perform the following actions on your server :

  • Restart server to farm loot 
  • Restart server to protect your character integrity after dying 
  • Kick players without just cause 
  • Lock / Password the server

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#2 Max Planck

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 12:49 AM

Where to to send your server reports:


Multiplay:            support@multiplay.co.uk

Vilayer:               abuse@vilayer.com

Fragnet:              abuse@fragnet.net or submit a ticket to their abuse department

GamingDeluxe:  admin@gamingdeluxe.co.uk

Gameservers:    support@gameservers.com


If you don't know which GSP the offending server is rented from, just send the report to all of them and they'll sort it out themselves.


* Remember to include the IP and port numbers, the server name is not enough*

You find these numbers by highlighting the server in the server browser, then selecting 'Detail' at the lower right. If you can't remember which server you were playing on, you can find it under the 'History' tab.

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 03:19 PM

An updated PDF with server hosting rules is available: http://dayz.com/down...ules_Public.pdf

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