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Please be advised: We are taking the service down. The central architecture is under DDOS attack, please be patient, we are trying to resolve it as fast as possible.


DayZ Epoch| Chernarus [UTC-5][Dayz & Night][200 Vehicles][Self Sustaining Server][Active Admins][Restart Every 4 Hours] www.ForsakenDayZ.com

Dayz epoch chernarus day & night 200 vehicles forsaken dayz active admins self sustaining server private hive custom traders public server

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 01:07 AM

DayZ Epoch| Chernarus [UTC-5][Dayz & Night][200 Vehicles][Self Sustaining Server][Active Admins][Restart Every 4 Hours] www.ForsakenDayZ.com



-- Epoch IP: --

--TS3 Server: ts.forsakendayz.com--

Follow us on Twitter at: @ForsakenDayZ

Forum: http://www.forsakend...8e3e3e0e20b344c


Why join our server?

Because the admins don't allow hackers and douche-bags to come screw your day up and they will make sure it stays like that. Admins are mainly friendly, non abusive of their powers(in the complete opposite they use their power to help the players when needed), and will not refuse any honest players who does not cheat/hack or exploits the game in any manners. Admins strongly encourage people to not simply kill each other but team up, Bandits or Heroes. Taking prisoners/hostages is allowed and encouraged.


  • Sweets  (23, English/Spanish)



  1. Aixelsyd (42, English)
  2. Hazard (18, English)
  3. Priest (34, English)
  4. Hellbender (35, English)
  5. DocHoliday (30, English)

An admin will connect every day and give support to anyone who needs it. If you are interested to join us, take a look at the info below and check out if this server is for you!


[Server Information]

  • Hosted on a Dedicated Server in Nashville TN, US
  • Public Server
  • Private Hive
  • Always Stocked Traders
  • Custom Traders
  • 50 Slots
  • Auto Restart Every 4 hour's (Might change to 6 hour's)
  • Full 24 hour's [Full Moon Nights]
  • Trader Safe Zones [Hero, Bash, Klen]




[Server Rules]

Please Respect Them and Other players or we will be forced to kick or ban you.


  1. Trash talk is allowed just watch your language and don't be a douche
  2. Cheat = Ban
  3. No stealing within safe trader cities
  4. No voice on side
  5. No malicious base / vehicle (in bases) destruction. Damage during PvP is OK
  6. No advertising other servers


Remember, Be Polite, Be Efficient and Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

And this is only but a few of the player idea's that we added, we are going to add more as the players request them. Note that if you need any help what so ever trying to join the server or simply trying to register on the forums please contact us on TS3.

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